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    AllergEase Tea - 20 Bags

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    Suffering from allergies and needing relief? AllergEase Tea is 100% natural and will regulate immune response in allergy conditions. Fructus Kochiae is one of the key herbs in this tea. This herbal extract has been traditionally used for the treatment of diseases in the skin, eyes, and urinary tract for thousands of years in China. It has been clinically proven to have significant anti-inflammatory effect as as well as other medicinal properties such as reducing heart attack risk and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. It has also been found to promote bone growth and repair as well as improve vision health.

    Angelica herb helps with digestive problems like gas or bloating.

    Scutellaria root has been used for treatment of inflammation and respiratory infections.

    Eleuthero root is a Chinese herb used to prevent respiratory tract infections, colds and flu, as well as having an energizing effect.

    With all these herbs and more, AllergEase Tea will have you feeling better in no time. Certified Vegan. Gluten Free. Sugar Free. No artifical flavoring. M-461

    Ingredients: Fructus Kochiae Fruit, Angelica Dahurica Root, Scutellaria Root, Eleuthero Leaf, Polygonatum Root, Astralagus Root & Leaf, Green Tea Leaf, Jasmine Flower.

    Directions: Steep 1-2 tea bags for 3-5 minutes, or add ice for iced tea. Reuse the bag til the water colorless to ensure maximum goodness. For best results, use 2-4 bags daily.

    Consult doctor before use if you are pregnant.

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