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Ambunu + Chebe Hair Treatment

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The ultimate combination of African herbal ingredients. Ambunu and Chebe have been the secret of healthy hair for the women with the longest hair in Africa. Ambunu is a natural cleanser that cleans your hair and scalp without any harsh chemicals. It contains natural saponins that cleanse the dirt and impurities from hair. It has a lot of slip so that you can easily detangle as you wash your hair, reducing styling time. It even makes hair stronger and thicker.

Chebe strengthens your hair while restoring the moisture that can be lost when washed. By strengthening the hair, your hair can grow longer without breaking off and forcing you to start over.

By using both the Ambunu Shampoo, and the Chebe conditioner, you give your hair the healthiest treatment possible. And it's all 100% natural. Get this set and improve your hair with natural ingredients straight from the motherland. M-R023


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