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    African Cloth Doll: SMALL

    These adorable and economical little dolls are perfect anywhere. Own several to scatter through your house; or to give as a perfect and unique gift. They're sure to warm anyone's heart! Clothing styles will vary. Hand-made in Senegal. M-D120
    Wholesale Price$5.95

    African Print Kiss Me Doll - ASSORTED

    This African Print Kiss Me Doll will be a precious gift for a precious child. A child will see their own beautiful African features reflected in this delightful doll. The doll is dressed in a jumper and head scarf that feature assorted African prints, none can be specified. The doll is 13” long and made of plastic. Made in China. M-D034

    Outfits, patterns and hair are assorted and cannot be specified.

    Wholesale Price$13.95

    Picture Frame

    Wholesale Price$0.99

    Set Of 12 Black Pride Buttons

    12 Black Pride buttons. From Colin Powell to Malcolm X on a button you can wear on your clothing. 2" diameter. 100% Made in the USA. A-M116
    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Korhogo Painting: X-Large

    This hand woven, hand painted korhogo cloth painting shows the nature of sub-Sahara Africa with great style and quality. Many designs available. The antelopes shown in this korhogo painting here are an omen of good fortune. In ancient times most of the Sahara desert was covered with vegetation. As time passed, and the vegetation died, the animals migrated to other areas. The antelope was one of the last animals to leave the area. To see an antelope became a sign of hope and prosperity. A great conversation piece, and beautiful wall hanging. Approx 66" x 44". Made in Ivory Coast. No two pieces are alike, so exact patterns vary from one piece to the next and cannot be specified. AC-M330
    Wholesale Price$24.95

    Safari Letter Opener

    Made in Kenya, these letter openers are representative of a few of the many animals which roam throughout many areas of Africa. Each one of these letter openers is hand-carved by a craftsman in Kenya. Some are hand-painted and some are not.Approx. 10" in length. A-WC690
    Learn about African artisans
    Wholesale Price$1.99

    3-Women Coffee Mug

    3.75" high. 3" wide. Image is on both sides of mug. Mug is dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended to preserve design. Made in China. A-M115
    Wholesale Price$4.95

    Chiwara Coffee Mug

    3.75" high. 3" wide. Image is on both sides of mug. Mug is dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended to preserve design. Made in China. A-M114
    Wholesale Price$2.95

    Ebony Salad Set

    The utensils measure approximately 12”-13” in length.
    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Banana Leaf Nativity Gourd

    Gourd is 7-8" wide. 11" length. Gourd opens up to reveal nativity scene made of banana leaf figurines. Made in Kenya. A-P277
    Wholesale Price$19.95

    Maasai Shield - Full Size

    Capture the spirit of the Maasai warriors
    The Maasai warriors are renowned for their bravery, ferocity and hunting skills. Made with Goat skin sewn onto a wood frame. Now, you can bring the spirit of the Maasai into your home with these hand-crafted shields are approximately 22-24" long and 12" wide. Made in Kenya, each shield is hand crafted and unique. This item will incur over sized shipping. W-121

    Oversized shipping costs apply. Item ships at a 30LB rate.
    Lear about the Maasai warriors
    Wholesale Price$27.95

    Banana Leaf Nativity Display

    A great display during Christmas time. It comes in a 8.75" x 6" 2-piece carrying case. Characters are 4" or smaller. Made from banana leaves. Made in Kenya. A-P261
    Wholesale Price$14.95

    Kenyan Gourd Calabash Bowl - 7-8"

    Kenyan Gourd Calabash Bowl is 7"-8" in diameter and 5" high. Made in Kenya. M-W042 *Item can incur approx $20 shipping cost due to being oversized.
    Wholesale Price$11.95

    Egyptian Mother Of Pearl Chess Set - LG

    M-156 Egyptian Mother Of Pearl Chess Set - LG Make your move with this beautiful Mother of Pearl Chess Set- LG. The handsome chess board is made of wood and inlaid with mother of pearl and it has squares with carved traditional designs. The pieces are intricately hand carved from bone. Comes with a handy carrying case. The wood board is 16” x 16”. The pieces are 2”-3”. Made in Egypt. M-156
    Wholesale Price$99.00

    African Letter Opener

    African Letter Opener
    Celebrate African artwork in a functional everyday way with these letter openers. Each pattern is hand painted and one-of-a-kind. Sometimes these will have faces at the top and sometimes there will be animals. None can be specified. Made in Kenya. A-WC691
    Wholesale Price$1.79