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Paper Dolls
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Malian Dan Mask - 8-10"

**Please note: Masks are sold individually. This will not come in a set.**
Sku: A-WC077
Wholesale: $24.95 Retail: $49.90

Chiwara Coffee Mug

Sku: A-M114
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Congolese Songye Mask

Assorted Congolese Songye Masks, but can't be specified. Approx. 8" - 10" wide and 12" - 16" long. Made in Congo. A-WC762
Sku: A-WC762
Wholesale: $39.95 Retail: $79.90

Large Fang Mask

Assorted Fang masks, but can't be specified. Approx. 10" wide and 26" long. Made in Gabon. A-WC765
Sku: A-WC765
Wholesale: $59.00 Retail: $118.00

Large Songye Mask

Assorted Congolese Songye Masks, but can't be specified. Approx. 10" wide and 20" - 25" long. Made in Congo. A-WC766
Sku: A-WC766
Wholesale: $69.00 Retail: $138.00

Pair Of African Man & Woman Busts

Set includes a self-standing busts of a man and a woman. 10" - 11" high and 6" wide and 3" deep. Made in Africa. A-WC775
Sku: A-WC775
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90

Essence Of Prayer Statue - LG

Sku: A-WC779
Wholesale: $13.95 Retail: $27.90

Pink/Blue/Yel African Print Folding Fan

Sku: C-A397
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Ashanti Doll

5-6" tall. A-WC474
Sku: A-WC474
Wholesale: $4.95 Retail: $9.90

44" Cameroon Fang Mask: Black & White

Giant Size. One-Of-A-Kind Handmade Assorted Designs

Beautifully crafted Cameroon Fang mask will add a bit of Africa to your decor. 44" x 6". No two are alike. Made in Cameroon. A-WC693

Extra oversized shipping cost of $20. on this item.

Sku: A-WC693Bk/Wt
Wholesale: $39.95 Retail: $79.90

Congolese Figure Wood Carving

11" tall x 4" wide. Assorted designs but none can be specified. Made in Congo. A-WC782
Sku: A-WC782
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Blue/Purple Sun Folding Fan

When folded, it measure 9" long. When unfolded, it is 12" long. Handle made of leather with leather thong to hold together. Pattern may vary from photo. Made in Kenya. C-A402
Sku: C-A402
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90