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Fang Masks and Their Unique African History

06/01/2010 14:48

Fang Masks 

Fang masks hold an important place in Ghanaian history, as the masks were used in initiation ceremonies. The Fang people used masks in their secret societies. Members of this male society wore the masks during the initiation of new members and the persecution of wrongdoers. Masqueraders, clad in raffia costumes along with helpers, would materialize in the village after dark. Each of the maskers would bear a torchlight. Fang mask are normally elongated with the carved lines running from the forehead down to the tip of the nose. A vast majority of the Fang tribe, inhabit the equatorial rain forest in Gabon. A Fang mask is also worn by spiritual leaders during rituals, to drive away evil spirits, or as symbols depicting wealth and prosperity. You can find a variety of fang masks on our web site! Just check out the links below!

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