Fulani Earrings - Their Unique History and Making




Fulani earrings are one of the most talked-about pieces of jewelry from Africa. They make an instant impression with their glimmering, twisted appearance. Hand-crafted in Mali, the Fulani gold is actually twisted bronze but was believed to be gold by the Fulani people for some time. The bronze is hammered till it is nearly paper thin, and then twisted to create the intricate look of the earrings. Since these are so popular, it's hard to keep them in stock, especially since there are only a few people who make these now. The Fulani earrings are created by Fulani craftsmen in Mali. One of the largest groups of nomadic herders in Africa, the Fulani customarily wore their wealth in the form of gold jewelry that they could carry with them at all times. The design has been worn for centuries, and it wasn't uncommon to see women wearing these type of earrings with red rope around the post of the earrings to try and help alleviate the heaviness of pure gold. The women would typically get these earrings as a present on their wedding day, or on another special occasion. The hook is not something that we can change on these; but a lot of customers really like these anyway so we keep them this way since it is the traditional style. Maybe some of these extra details about these earrings make them more special to the people who are fans of the original African style. Want to get your own pair of Fulani earrings? Just check out the links below!

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