3-Year-Old Linda Finds A Home At Bethany Orphanage





At Africa Imports, a percentage of every purchase is used to support orphanages in Congo and a street home for boys in Senegal. Your purchases help to provide meals, medicine, clothing, housing, and education for these children. We just received the picture above from our representative at Bethany orphanage. She also sent this note: "Linda is 3.5 years old approximately. She was abandoned near the largest hospital here in Brazza. She was brought to a police station in Poto Poto and they posted her picture to no avail. She is very obstinate and distrustful. She does not want to be with the other children and hides her food and eats alone. They have the idea that she was living with an elderly grandmother that never disciplined her and so she just ran wild. Who knows where this grandmother may be - she probably fell ill or perhaps has passed away. She knew her first name. She hides herself and they have quite a time keeping track of where she is. Her heavenly Father will make it right one day." So thank you for helping to give these children a better life. Please keep Linda and girls like her in your prayers! To find out more about what we do in Africa, just Click Here.