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4 ways to grow your business by giving things away



You can have inexpensive keychains made with your own name or company name engraved on them. Giving these as gifts to people, helps people to remember you in a positive way.

Here are four groups of people who you can give away your keychains to…profitably

1. Any employees, vendors, or other people who work with you

  • Even if they are not buying things from you, they are still helpful and valuable to your business. Giving them something free that reminds them of you can only help.

2. Reward loyal customers

  • Remind your customers that they are appreciated. Getting new customers is important. But keeping past customers is normally easier than getting brand new people. This means that the cost of keeping customers is much lower (compared to it’s value) than finding new people.

3. Find new customers

  • People you meet for a moment, could forget their time with you. A gift with your name on it reminds them about you over and over again.

4. Use them as giveaways for a charitable cause

  • You may not make as much money this way, but if there are causes that you care about, donating products with your company name can help them and you at the same time.

Your purchases of these key chains goes to help other people in the community in Ghana – this is a children’s home that benefits from the key chain making.