Africa Imports Helps Support More Orphanage & Schooling Projects!



As you may be aware, a percentage of every purchase you make with us is used to support orphanages and education projects throughout Africa. As of October 2011, Africa Imports is now helping three additional projects in Uganda and Zambia, Africa. 

SMK Farms and Orphanage in Uganda is an organization that is working to sustainably empower the local orphans and farmers of Uganda. They are working to house, educate, and provide for the nutritional needs of orphans in Uganda while giving them the tools to continue successfully in later life. From the purchases that our customers made with us, Africa Imports made a donation of $5,000 to the orphanage. The orphanage was able to buy $13,000 worth of grain with this $5,000. Once the pigs are fully raised with help from the orphans, this $5,000 gift turns into enough to pay for a lot more physical needs and schooling than it would without this. Learn more about SMK Farms by clicking here.

Action International - Helping Orphans and Child Soldiers in Uganda Jerry and Candis Bingham moved to the 'war zone' of Gulu, Northern Uganda in 2003 to help with war-torn, traumatized people, especially children, as well as ministering to pastors in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan with Grassroots Leadership Training. They also do Children Worker's Training and training to meet the plight of AIDS/HIV victims. There are three dozen Ugandans on Staff in their orphanage. As of October, 2011, Africa Imports has given $2,000 to this orphanage and is providing an additional $1,000 each month as of October 1, 2011. To find out more about Action International, please click here.

Lake Tanganyika Orphanage School in Zambia is a school that consists of 60 local orphan children who attend three classes, Playgroup, Grade 0 and Grade 1. Orphans in Mpulungu, Zambia are rejected and neglected and also undernourished physically. Many are shunned or are living in physically and/or emotionally abusive households. After a year of loving care and sound teaching, these children are healthier emotionally and physically. As of October 1, 2011, Africa Imports has given $2,000 to this school. We also give $500 a month to support this work on an ongoing basis. To read more about Lake Tanganyika Orphanage School, please click here. Without your purchases, we would not be able to support these orphans as we do. So thank you very much! To find out more about what we do in Africa, just click here.