Celebrating Independence Day in Nigeria - October 1st



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October 1st marks the 49th anniversary of Nigeria's independence from the United Kingdom. Like other countries, the independence day of Nigeria is celebrated with great excitement and festive fervor. It is observed with unmatched nationalistic ardor throughout the country. The significance of Independence Day in Nigeria lies in the fact that it binds all the Nigerians into one chord not only within the country but also in the far off lands of America and Europe. If you are a Nigerian in the states you can celebrate Nigerian independence day in New York on October 1st with annual Nigerian Day Parade and Celebrations. Click Here to find out more about this celebration! You can also celebrate Nigerian Independence Day in Atlanta - Click Here to find out more! There is a Nigerian Independence Day picnic in Sugarland, Texas - Click Here! Find out more about African holidays on the Africa Imports web site or by Clicking Here! You can also find many Nigerian handicrafts on the Africa Imports web site. You'll see Nigerian Asoke Fabric, Nigerian Fans, and Nigerian Leather Bracelets. Checkout a huge selection of affordable African products by clicking on the links below!

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