Celebrating Revolution Day in Gambia - July 22nd



On July 22nd, people in Gambia will celebrate the anniversary of the day when the current president Yahya Jammeh overthrew the that time acting president Dawda Jawara. Since this has happened the country of Gambia has prospered much more. The need to enhance public trust and confidence among the citizens has been the main focus of the government. Moreover, the president realized that nation building relies on public support, on people's willingness to give time to causes they care about as well as their goodwill towards the nation as a whole. The country has had much success in confronting corruption in the government. Today, the country is better with more good roads, hospitals, adequate water and electricity supply and a host of other development projects. President Jammeh has not always made the wisest decisions; recently he said that any homosexuals in the country needed to leave the country. We hope that he has a change of heart, however we are glad that Gambia has come very far in recent years. We wish the best to the people of Gambia on this day. Find out more about African Holidays by Clicking Here.