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Congratulations Simon and Chisomo

08/31/2017 15:20

Simon and Chisomo Kunda

Simon Kunda brought his fiancee Chisomo to meet us when we were in Zambia. Simon has been in Medical school for the last 2 1/2 years. Your purchases have paid for his tuition and some of his other costs during this time. Simon will be a doctor soon. Chisomo is an attorney. These two very capable people will be working in a very poor area of Zambia where they have been spending much of their time together during the last year. They could probably both earn more money doing other things, but their heart is in helping children and their families who have no other financial resources. They would say thank you to you themselves if they could. So would some of the people they will be living and working together with soon. Your purchases have helped to make a difference for Africa.