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Dornela Finds A Home At Brazza Orphanage

07/08/2011 15:09


Dornela Finds A Home At Brazza Orphanage

Here at Africa Imports, a percentage of every purchase made is used to support orphanages in Congo and a home for street boys in Senegal. Orphan children are provided with housing, clothing, food, medical supplies, and education. Here’s an update sent to us about Dornela, pictured above: "Dornela is 7 years old. Her mother had cardiac problems and died last Oct. (2010). Her father is unable to support her. Her mother died in a village in northern Congo. She is living with an aunt and uncle here in Brazza. Her dad is also here in Brazza going to nursing school. He comes and visits her from time to time. Dornela is doing excellent in school. Pray that she will be consistently disciplined and feel attached to the family where she is staying. She is part of the Good Neighbor Ministry." 

This letter is not only a thank you to you, any customer of Africa Imports, for being a part of this program to help children, but it is also a request for prayer for the needs of children like Dornela in Africa and around the world. If you’d like to find out more about this orphanage and what we do in the Congo just Click Here.