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Helping your products to sell easier

08/15/2007 11:07

Here is a tip from Tum Tum Washington. One thing we have learned in thirty years of selling African crafts is that we need to be creative in making sure things are sellable. In particular with articles we import from Africa or buy from African runners, they are often delivered in unusable condition. We have taught ourselves to always make sure that jewelry is immediately wearable. For example, we have just finished putting more than 2000 Ethiopian crosses on chains, ribbon, or twine, so that customers can wear them out of the shop. We have wired many African masks so that they can be hung, have mounted statues on bases, framed graphic arts, and re-waxed soapstone carvings which can get pretty roughed up in shipping. The customer wants to see something they don't have to work with to use or display. The little bit of extra work can increase sales as well as enhance your reputation.