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How to start a business without extra cash

01/23/2009 14:00

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One of the most popular articles on our website is this one. This is not a way to have a business with no money at all; but it shows you how hundreds of other people have gotten started with just pocket change. Africa Imports gives you dozens of free tools and low cost products that let you get started with almost no money up front. When people try to start with almost nothing, there is a lot more work with a lot less pay up front. Over the years though, Africa Imports and our customers have perfected a way of having a successful business with almost nothing needed to get started with. This free article shows you part of how this method works. Our fast start up kit gives you all of the tools and over $100. of free sample products for only $49. You can start or grow your business in dozens of other ways too. You can get hundreds of free articles here right now. If you want to get started; and you need more help; let me know. You can email me any time at