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Jean de Dieu Finds A Home At Mpila Orphanage

04/06/2011 15:24

Jean de Dieu 

Here at Africa Imports, a percentage of every purchase is used to support orphan children in Congo and a home for street boys in Senegal. One of these orphanages is the Orphanage de Nazareth at Mpila in Congo. Here the money we give is used to provide housing, clothing, food, medicine, and education to orphan children like Jean de Dieu (pictured above). Here's what we received from our representative at Mpila, along with the picture: "Jean de Dieu is around 7 years of age. He has been at orphanage de Nazareth at Mpila for 1 week. He was found on the streets and policemen brought him to the orphanage. He is just learning to eat appropriately, to greet people, to act like a child. He is mentally handicapped - probably one of the reasons his parents left him in the streets. They often think there is witchcraft associated with any mental handicap. He has put on weight, and learned how to be appropriate to live in the community - Soeur Marie Therese is so amazed at the progress he has made in 1 week. Lord bless you and workers at Africa Imports!!" So thank you so much for your purchases, that are being used to help children like Jean de Dieu. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. To find out more about how together we are helping Africa, Click Here.