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Little Jema Finds a Home at Mpila Orphanage!

06/14/2012 12:47

Little Jema at Mpila Orphanage

Our contact in Africa just sent us this update about a little girl who just arrived at Mpila Orphanage. Here's her note: This little girl is Jema. She was left in front of the Social Services building in the middle of the night by someone. They know nothing about her. She smiles continually and she just had so much joy when we were there visiting on Saturday. She clapped, seemed to understand Bible lesson, was so quiet and listened so well. You can just see her giving glory to God in all her weakness...Thanks for letting us help feed her! This little girl is just one of many children we help to feed and support in Africa. We couldn't be doing any of this without your hard work, too. Your purchases and hard work selling these products help to make a huge difference in the lives of these kids in Africa. Thank you from us here at Africa Imports and from Jema, and all the other children you have and continue to help. To learn more about how we help Africa, visit here. Want to get started selling African products? Visit our main site here.