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Little Mari Victoire Finds A Home At Moukondo Orphanage



A few days ago we told you about little Emmanuel, and how he found a home at Moukondo Orphanage thanks in part to the support from your purchases. At Africa Imports a percentage of every purchase is used to help support several orphanages in the Congo; this money helps to provide food, housing, medicine, and schooling for orphan children like Mari Victoire and Emmanuel. 

Mari Victoire

Here's her story, given to us by one of the workers at the orphanage: "Mari Victoire was found in a trash pile area by an elderly man. She was in a black plastic bag and was there for at least 48 hours. The man didn't check it out until the second day he returned and then found this little newborn baby. Marie Victoire is doing very, very well. She climbs up on everything and is on the go every waking moment. She just had her hair done and thought you would appreciate it. She is now 2 years old." We urge you to continue to keep orphans like Mari Victoire in your thoughts and prayers. While many children are abandoned because their mothers have no way to support them, there are also hundreds of thousands of children in the Congo that have been left without parents because of the civil war. There are millions of orphaned children in Africa due to wars, natural disasters, AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Less than 1% of foreign orphans will ever be adopted. To find out more about the orphanages your purchases help support just Click Here.