New Orphanage News! Poto Poto Orphanage in The Congo



There is an orphanage called the Poto Poto orphanage in the Congo that we are trying to start working with and renovate. It's going to be a long process, so we ask for your prayers. The place is very poorly kept. Here is what one of our friends who is helping with this project had to say:

"These are the kids that are in the orphanage in Poto Poto that is so sad. It actually doesn't look bad now in picture but the smell and the animals that are not in pic tell the "whole" story. Social Services says that the orphanage has been closed and the orphans removed but they are very much present. When you are here we will take you there to see the sight. We took milk, baby cereal, sugar, breakfast cereal, and margarine. This living room had a dog, duck and cat in it when we arrived. All the kids were outside full of flies etc. while the animals enjoying the protection of the house from the heat. The kids clothes are dirty, there is a smell of urine everywhere and most of the little girls did not have underwear just over clothing. The older girl in beige slacks holding a child is Francine. She lost both of her parents during the war. She was 7 when she came to the orphanage. She acts more like a care giver and mother than the actual directrice." 

At Africa Imports, a percentage of the money we make goes towards supporting orphanages in Congo and Senegal. We hope to add this to the orphanages we support. We couldn't do this without your purchases, so thank you for helping us with projects as important as these!