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News To Be Thankful For - Mpila Orphanage in the Congo

11/26/2009 16:11

 Africa Imports pays for three meals a day for over 100 orphan children in the Mpila orphanage in Congo. We can’t do this without your purchases, and as a thank you we’d like to tell you about these babies who has found a home there. "Tuwan is to the left and Dorcas to the right. Both of these babies were left by their moms after their delivery in local neighborhood clinics. Dorcas is having health issues but little Tuwan doing just great. The milk is so expensive to purchase - they could not do it without your assistance. THANK YOU!!! Barb" So this is a big thank you to you, our customers, who also help to support these children with your purchase. Thank you! Find out more about the Mpila Orphanage by Clicking Here.