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Sales of African products helps orphans in Congo

06/07/2008 09:12


People who sell African gifts and clothing are some of the most giving people in the world. I have been reading hundreds of ways that people say they would invest $500. to grow their business during the last week. These emails came from one that I sent to our customers a few days ago. A tremendous number of people want to help others much more than they want to help their own finances. The burning desire for many people is to help the young people in their community; or to help people who are without work; or to help people who are in really hard situations some other way. Here is a photo that I just got from one of our orphanages in Congo of a girl that just came to one of these orphanages. Along with the photo, I got this short note from the woman who takes care of paying the orphanages bills. By the way, I get stories like this one several times each week from different people in Africa.

"This is Gloria - someone had come to them telling them about this little girl that was in a yard here in Brazza completely unkempt and dying of malnutrition. She was wearing a plastic bag around her neck. Look at her now - she has completely and entirely changed." To help others with African products, we all need to sell more. Not only does it help girls like Gloria to have a home and meals; but it helps the parents to have paying jobs creating the works that you are selling. After reading some more of the ways that our customers want to give more than receive; and then getting this photo the same day; I just thought you would want to know.