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    (0) Merry Christmas from Tanzania

    On Christmas morning, we were called by Magessa and Anastasia (shown on the far right in the photo). 

    They called with everyone in their new family of 14 people. They are shown here with everyone in a photo taken just after our phone call. They called to say thank you and Merry Christmas to us and ...

    (0) Congratulations to Lyn Smith: the winner of the $200 gift certificate for her efforts during the coronavirus pandemic

    Ms. Smith works at an Elementary Charter School as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Instructor. With the school closure and the StayHomeMN Order due to the Coronovirus-19 pandemic; she goes to the school twice a week to provide child care for Essential Workers. She made her...

    (0) Orphan children in Zambia helped during coronavirus lockdown

    The coronavirus lockdown has left many children in Africa with big problems. Alfred in Zambia was able to purchase and deliver this food to a small group of orphans in his area with money from Africa Imports sales last week.

    (0) Abdou from Senegal

    Meet one of the people who brings your products from Africa.

    Abdou has a difficult and unique background. He is originally from Dakar, Senegal. His parents brought him to the US when he was 12 years old and left him here by himself. He had no relatives or friends to help him and needed to survive...

    (0) Alfred helps others in need from bad coronavirus economy

    Alfred lives in Malawi where he works as an administrator. His wife Peggy is a volunteer school teacher for especially poor children.  Alfred is someone we have known for many years. We asked him if there were any people he knew of with especially difficult

    problems during this beginning of coronavirus lockdowns.

    (0) Couple in Zambia helps others in need during lockdown

    Pastor Wati and his wife Nkandu are people we at Africa Imports have known for about five years now. With the coronavirus lockdown, many people with needs are facing very difficult times and an insecure future. Wati and Nkandu are shown here buying groceries for some of these people.

    (0) People needing help during coronavirus lockdown

    Africa Imports has been able to help a number of people with special needs in Africa during the coronavirus era. Here are two people Magesa in Tanzania was able to help with a gift of $100. that we sent to him for this. Magesa is someone we have known for a long time. Because of the great trust we h...

    (0) Teachers in Zambia

    The four teachers shown here normally all work as volunteers. They teach street children and orphans who have no other way to pay for schooling.

    (0) 15 Families in Chad Get Food During Coronavirus Lockdown

    Africa Imports also pays many people in Africa who do not make products for us. One of these is Idriss in Chad who trains people in farming.

    (0) Foster child in Congo

    Your purchases from Africa Imports paid the school fees for this boy. His parents have both died recently, and he has been cared for by the woman shown with him here. She has no money and could not pay for schooling for him. Thanks again for your purchases from Africa Imports.

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