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The Most Irresistible Colognes For Men In 2022



If you’re looking for an irresistible new cologne in 2021 to have you smelling fresh, sexy, and desirable why not check out this list of hot new range of colognes that smell just like your favorites? This guide outlines the best scents at a much more affordable rate than paying top dollar for designer brands like Versace Eros or Gucci Guilty Black while still getting the same scent.

Versace: Eros

Get the scent of the Versace Eros, a delicious, passionate scent with alluring notes of pepperwood, wild rosemary, geranium, cedar, and many more smelling ingredients. This decadent scent is for any man who is passionate about love and art and wishes to portray a strong, burning desire to ignite the flame of passion in his life.

This scent is ideal for any man who wishes to give off an energetic aura and is the perfect scent to wear on a night out to leave a sensual impression on all those who’s nose grace the delicious scent of Versace Eros.

Azzaro: Wanted

Why not try the sensual scent of Azzaro Wanted? A strong woody spice, invigorating fragrance for men with subtle notes of lavender, ginger, lemon with delicious base notes of things such as tonka bean and Haitian vetiver.

This intriguing scent is perfect for any man who wishes to wear a casual yet earthy and classic scent for his every day wear which perfectly captures the woody essence of manliness whilst still giving off impressions of subtle sexiness. The ideal cologne for men in 2021.

Creed: Silver Mountain Water

The highly sought-after Creed Silver Mountain Water is the perfect cologne for men in 2021, giving a breath of fresh, mountain alp air and taking those who smell it into a deep imaginative state of flowing streams coursing through the snow-covered mountain ranges of Switzerland.

This irresistible scent gives off intricate tones of sandalwood, green tea mixed with black currants and bergamot. Ideal for wearing in almost any situation and can bring out your inner mountain spirit. Great for daytime wear and sure to have you smelling fresh and desirable.

Gucci: Guilty Black

The delicate scents of Gucci Guilty Black are a favorite among everyone. This scent is sure to have you smelling sexy, sensual, and desirable. If you want a delicious scent for nighttime wear to dinner or a club, Gucci Guilty Black is an ideal choice.

This aromatic fragrance gives off highly sensual notes of green coriander and lavender as well as cedar and orange blossom and many more intricate smelling tones. This scent is sure to make you the most attractive smelling person in the room.

Polo: Black

Polo Black is the incredible popular scent by Ralph Lauren and offers a classic manly scent with an delicate, delicious blend of patchouli noir, silver amoise and iced mango making an ideal scent for any man who wishes to take full advantage of his charming charisma.

Polo Black is a highly sensual sent sure to have you smelling sexy. Ideal for night-time wear and is perfect to help ignite passion over some diner or drinks. A great scent for any man with a high sense of class and good taste. An intricately masculine scent which is sure to positively affect all those who have the pleasure of gracing their nostrils with the delicious scent.

Perry Ellis: 360

Why not try this high-class scent of Perry Ellis’ 360? An exquisite scent which is perfect for an exquisite man. This crisp, sensual scent portrays notes of lavender, citrus, musk, and vetiver which give it a classic, elegant scent which is perfect for showing you mean business.

Jimmy Choo Man: Intense

The classic Jimmy Choo Man Intense scent is the perfect aromatic fragrance for a man who likes to make a statement. With subtle notes made up of melon, black pepper, lavender, geranium and many more this scent gives off an incredibly powerful aura. Perfect for men who like to feel invigorated and confident.

John Varvatos: Dark Rebel

The beautiful, intriguing scents of John Varvatos Dark Rebel is one of the most irresistible scents for men in 2021. An ideal scent for man who wish to portray a strong, masculine appeal and is perfect for everyday wear.

Giving off strong notes of resinous woods, fragzant tobacco, black leather and Jamaican rum, this hot aromatic fragrance is sure to have you smelling desirable and delicious with its incredible masculine musk. Why not bring out your rebel side with this certified ‘bad boy’ cologne.

Polo: Red Extreme

The aromatic scent of Polo Red Extreme is the perfect cologne for a subtle yet masculine scent blending perfectly, the notes of coffee, ebony wood, and blood orange. This delicious scent is perfect for smelling sensual and hot through day or night and is an ideal cologne for any man who wishes to portray a bit of a wild side.

Release the sexy devil within when wearing Polo Red Extreme, become the nicest smelling man in the room, sure to spark interest from others.

Abercrombie & Fitch: Fierce

If you’re looking for an aromatic, delicious and extremely potent fragrance that is sure to attract the attention of all those who are lucky enough to have the scent grace the inner lining of their nostrils, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce is the irresistible scent you desire.

Cool, classic and a little rugged, this sensual scent gives off strong mysterious notes of cashmere woods, sexy musk, and delicious citrus. This scent is sure to pair well with men seeking to portray a masculine, bold and extremely confident attitude, and swagger. Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce is an ideal fragrance for evening wear and is perfect for dinner dates, drinks, or clubbing. This aromatic fragrance certainly has the wow factor.