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Three Easy Ways to Tie an African Print Headwrap

04/21/2021 11:55

African head wraps are the coolest fashion add-on you can go with for a casual look. There are variants of head wraps that come in the form of scarves which are quite versatile and magical fashion accessories in the woman's wardrobe. If you are suffering from hair loss and want to learn tying head wraps, then you are at the right place!

African head wraps are available in different fabrics, colors and patterns. You can check online to find the best version that would suit your requirement. You can tie square scarves, bandanas or rectangular scarves as a part of a fashion statement. Let us now check easy seven steps tie an African print Headwrap:

1. Classic Style:

To wear this, fold scarf into a triangle

Place the folded edge of the triangle along your forehead

Take the two ends back to the nape of your neck

Tie in a knot above the triangle and continue to knot

2. Vintage Style

First scared into a triangle

Place the folded edge of the triangle on your forehead

Cross ends of the scarf under the chin

Now bring the ends of the back or side of neck

Tie both ends to square knot

3. Turban Style

Fold the scarf into triangle position

Place the folded edge of scarf against the nape of the neck having pointed triangle towards face

Now bring both ends facing each other front of the head and tie the knot in the triangle position

Take two long ends and bring them to the back and tie the knot again

Now take the triangle in the front to tuck it up into the know and adjust

Like the above mentioned ways, there are many other ways to wear African head wraps in a stylish way to give a glam look!