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Barack Obama - Wikipedia

Barack Obama has an unusual and interesting background. President-elect Obama draws support from the Luo ethnic group of his ancestors in Kenya, Africa. His father, also named Barack Obama, born in Kenya, was as much of a path breaker as his son is. Barack Obama Sr. went from herding goats in Kenya to studying at Harvard University. President-elect Obama did not know his father well but he does know his Kenyan relatives. He visits them on occasion at their village, Nyang’oma Kogelo in Kenya , most recently in 2006. You can see all of the Africa Imports products from Kenya here. Experience something more of where Barack Obama's family is from. In celebration of our new president, Africa Imports has dropped the prices on all Kenya products for the rest of this week. You can save 10% on any of the products shown here from now until the end of this week. The price has been dropped already. You don't need any special coupons. You can just order whatever you want from Kenya here now.