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All oils link to the 1/3 oz. bottles. To find other size bottles for the same fragrance look to the bottom of the page of the fragrance you clicked on under 'Related items'. These are being discontinued.








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Mariah Carey: Dreams (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-M643
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Watermelon Swirl - 1/3 oz.

Make a splash with watermelon swirl. This luscious, crisp, juicy fragrance leaves your spirit dripping with refreshment. Great for wearing or burning, this fruity fun aroma is a must-have choice! O-W153
Sku: O-W153
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Curve: Chill (M) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-C623
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Avon: Black Suede Leather (M) - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-A623
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Nina Ricci: Fantasy (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-N273
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Christian Audigier (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-C743
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Cartier: Must De Gold (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-C243
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise (W) - 1/3 oz

Ralph Lauren: Pure Turquoise (W) Type
Experience the rich opulence of Pure Turquoies fragrance for women. It opens with black current blossom, soft powdery – velvety violet leaf, lily-of-the-valley and cactus flower Cereus that flourishes at night. The heart is floral and composed of orange blossom, Bulgarian rose and desert lily. The base brings patchouli, birch, amber, powdery – soft vanilla Bourbon and narcotic rum. O-R413
Sku: O-R413
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Diesel: Red Kiss (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-D483
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Diamond Princess (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Supremely feminine
Whisk your senses away to a land of luxury with diamond princess for women. Made with a soft, floral bouquet that stays with you all day long. Recommended for daytime wear. Original fragrance made by Trinar. O-D163
Sku: O-D163
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

DKNY: My NY (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-D433
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Kimora Simmons: Golden Goddess - 1/3 oz.

Embrace sophistication and exoticity with Golden goddess. This oriental vanilla fragrance has top notes of champagne; middle notes of of syringa, lily and orchid; and base notes of patchouli, caramel, vanilla flower and vetiver. O-K243
Sku: O-K243
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Escada: Agua Del Sol (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-E623
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Baby Phat Fabulosity Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-B433
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Little Mix: Gold Magic (W) Type - 1/3 oz

Sku: O-L523
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Justin Beiber: Someday (W) Type -1/3 oz.

Sku: O-J403
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Lady Gaga: Fame (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-L363
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

One Direction: Between US (W) - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-O253
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Elizabeth Taylor: Gardenia (W) - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-E633
Wholesale: $2.49 Retail: $4.98

J. Lopez: Glow After Dark (W) - 1/3 oz.

J. Lo: Glow After Dark (W) Type
For pure sensuality and femininity, experience the exotic fruity fragrance of J. Lo Glow After Dark. Made with top notes of passion fruit, white cherry and mandarin orange. Heart notes include peony, orange blossom, jasmine and rose. Base Notes are warm and rich musk, patchouli, white woods and oakmoss. O-J253
Sku: O-J253
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Aquolina: Pink Flower (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-A693
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Signature (W) V. Beckham Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-S383
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Jennifer Lopez: Glowing (W) - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-J383
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Chopard: Midnight Spell (W) Type- 1/3 oz

Sku: O-C213
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Eva Longoria: Eva (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-E333
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

J.Lo: Love & Glamour (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

J. Lo: Love & Glamour (W) Type
Be remembered with this captivating feminine fragrance. This scent possesses a blend of mandarin, guava, nectarine, water lily, coconut orchid, orange blossom, jasmine, sandalwood, sensual musk and amber. O-J263
Sku: O-J263
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Intimately Beckham (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-I183
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Pharrell Williams: Girl (W) - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-P813
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Jennifer Lopez Love & Light (W) - 1/3 oz

Exude your authentic sensuality with love & light. A fresh, woody floral fragrance with top notes of mandarin, pomegranate and red currant. Mid notes of rose crystal, velvety apricot and jasmine petals. Base notes of patchouli, sensual musk and praline. O-J353
Sku: O-J353
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

JPG: Classique X (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-J283
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Miss Boucheron (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-M563
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Deseo: Jennifer Lopez (W) Type -1/3 oz.

Sku: O-D203
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Christina Aguilera (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-C713
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance (W) 1/3oz

Sku: O-B763
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Jungle (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Kenzo Jungle Type Fragrance
Seduce and allure with this exotic new fragrance for women. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft oriental mandarin, caraway and patchouli. O-J243
Sku: O-J243
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Smoky Poppy (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-S683
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Fergie: Outspoken Intense (W) - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-F273
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Gingersnap - 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-G323
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58

Live (W) Jennifer Lopez Type - 1/3 oz.

Dare to be Exhilarated
Envelop your senses with the scents of passion by Live Jennifer Lopez type. Live is a beautiful blend of orange, lemon, pineapple,peony, violet, caramel, vanilla, tonka beans and sandalwood. A refreshing, sparkling scent. O-L233
Sku: O-L233
Wholesale: $1.79 Retail: $3.58