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Fulani Straw Hat - Children

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Beat the heat this Fulani Straw Hat – Children. The Fulani people are a west African people group that specialize in making these hats to protect against heat. A true collector's item, and a work of great cultural significance, this hat is a traditional piece of authentic African culture. This hat is designed to keep your little one cool even with the sun beaming down on them. The red material and the tassels are leather, the tan material is straw, and it is further decorated with hand made cloth items. This hat is great for hot summer days when shade is needed. It's unique design also makes it a great conversation starter. Get a taste of traditional African culture with this Fulani straw hat. 7-10" diameter. Made in Mali or Burkino Faso. C-A878

7-10" diameter. Hats are pressed in for shipping by default. If you want the hat tho be sent to you un-compressed, please mention this in the comments section of your order, and your hat will be packed this way. Oversized shipping means that an uncompressed hat will cost approximately $40. for shipping.
Learn about the Fulani people

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