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“Each year my church does an "African dress" day for black history month. i have received 2 catalogs with all over the type of clothes from women, men to children that you offer. we will as a church order more outfits for that day because clothes around the Charleston, sc area is 5 times as high, so this is a great opportunity to give you more business.” 

Veronica from North Charleston, SC

One of our customers started out a year ago making less than $100. per month. Now after just one year he says he is making about $5,000. each month. Here is one thing that this man does that you can do too.

If you have ever sat in a store or a booth waiting for customers to stop by, you have probably dreamed of having customers waiting for you as soon as you arrive. Not only can waiting for other people be boring and frustrating, it can also be a lot of work looking for customers who don't come, and talking with 'lookers' for a long time.

How to get more customers

Instead of just waiting for people to find you, you can make things happen yourself, it's easier than you think! Let your customers know when you will be available for them; where you will be; and give them a good reason to come see you. Try sending an email (or a letter if you do not have a customers email address) to your customers two days before you arrive. If you have a store, let your customers know about a special event that you are planning. You don't need to write anything fancy. If you don't know what to say, try something like the note shown below.


Dear Customer name,

I want you to see something new.

I am going to be at (name of location or address) this Saturday between (time) and (time). If you will come to see me, I will have a free sample of this new idea to give to you, and it will be a great time for both of us to see each other again.


Your Name


When you start working with new customers, you will not have many people you can talk with. But if you keep track of your customers names, addresses, and email addresses, you can be the man making $5,000. per month in less than one year. You will need to keep improving in other things that you do too, but this level of success is there for anyone who wants it badly enough.

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