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Karkar & Chebe Hair Growth Oil - 4 oz.

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Grow your hair the traditional African way with this Karkar & Chebe Hair Growth Oil - 4 oz. This special blend of ostrich oil, chebe, tallow, and more will bring your hair to life, providing length, softness, and moisture. It greatly reduces hair breakage and aids length retention. Ostrich oil is incredibly rich and moisturizing. It also helps heal split ends and restore shine to hair. Chebe helps to prevent breakage, allowing your hair to grow without disruption. Plus tallow is nourishing and works wonders for dry, damaged hair. It might sound unusual, but tallow (cow fat) can also reduce itchy scalp, smooth frizz, and boost shine. This unique blend of ingredients will elevate your hair to the next level, giving you the long hair you’ve always wanted. Get longer, thoroughly moisturized hair with this karkar and chebe hair growth oil.

Ingredients: Virgin Cold-Pressed Sesame Seed Oil, Ostrich Oil, Cow Fat, Chebe, Honey Wax, Fragrance.

Directions: This can be used for wash and go's, twist-outs, or as a hot oil treatment. You can also add it to your conditioners or shampoos.


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