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1 lb. Oils

Find a big selection of 1lb wholesale fragrance oils at Africa Imports. We offer over 1,100 pure body oils, including traditional scents like Egyptian musk, frankincense, myrrh and some of your favorite designer brand oils too. People love our oils because they're uncut, pure and long-lasting. They don't contain alcohol, fillers, or harmful chemicals. You can use these oils to wear, burn for a lovely aroma, or even make your own products like soaps and lotions. There's always something new. We add new scents nearly every day, ensuring you always have fresh and exciting options for your customers. Buying these 1lb oils can save you money, and you can split them into smaller bottles for resale. Africa Imports gives you more than just products. A big part of our profits goes back to helping people and communities in Africa, so every purchase you make contributes to a greater cause. Want to experience the spirit of Africa now? We provide same-day shipping for orders placed before 2 pm. And for orders over $500 in the US, we'll ship it for free.