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Red Sandalwood & Saffron Soap - 3.8 oz.

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Organic and pure, this Red Sandalwood & Saffron Soap is a true blessing for your skin. The regal and aromatic scent of red sandalwood is a popular ingredient in soaps and lotions. It gently exfoliates and removes dead skin, dirt and oil. It unclogs pores, helping to combat acne. It rejuvenates skin, leaving you with a brighter complexion. Saffron has a number of benefits for your skin. It softens your skin and helps it retain moisture for smooth, supple skin. It gently and naturally exfoliates skin and brightens it. It evens out skin pigmentation for more youthful-looking skin

The soap also contains oatmeal extracts. Oatmeal is like a superfood for your skin. It contains zinc that reduces skin inflammation, irritation, and redness. It helps combat unsightly acne. It is a natural exfoliant that will gently remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, healthy skin. It helps relieve dry, itch, and inflamed skin. It contains saponins, natural chemical compounds that natural clean your skin and help fight blackheads. Get all the benefits of sandalwood, saffron and oatmeal for your skin today! M-S666

Key Ingredients: Red Sandalwood Extract, Saffron Oil, Acacia Oil, Oatmeal Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Palm Oil, aqua, Vegetable, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Natural Fragrance & Essential Oils


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