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Shea Butter Beauty Collection

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If you love shea butter or want to experience the hype for yourself, this Shea Butter Beauty Collection is the perfect choice. Hair, face, body, hands—this collection pampers it all. Shea butter is famous worldwide for its incredible moisturizing and softening capabilities. Simply rubbing shea butter into the skin leaves it supple and smooth to the touch. It has anti-inflammatory effects that reduce itchiness and redness. It stimulates cellular activity to repair damaged skin and heal wounds. It even protects against the harsh weather and sun by forming a barrier over the skin to protect what’s underneath.

With this set you can take sample the nourishing properties of shea butter in a variety of ways. This set includes: a hand soap and bar soap for a gentle yet nourishing cleanse; face cream and body lotion for moisturizing the entire body; a shea butter hair treatment will strengthen, soften, and add shine to your locks; and a travel-sized tin of scented shea butter that easily fits into your pocket or purse so you can smell great all day long. From the hair on your head to the toes on your feet, this shea butter collection provides nourishment that will have you looking better than ever in no time. Get the power of shea butter with this full-body shea butter collection. M-R085


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