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Tea Light Candles - Set Of 10 GREEN

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Candles are a classic way to add tasteful decor to a room without breaking the bank. Decorate with ease with these Tea Light Candles - Set Of 10 GREEN. Green represents nature in all her glory: trees standing majestically, blades of grass swaying in the wind, bushes sprouting flowers that delight the senses. Green has also been used to represent wealth, luck, and harmony. These green candles are perfect for any event with a natural or harmonious theme/feel. Perfect for home use or for accent lighting during special events, these little candles are easy and convenient to use. These candles have colored wax with a white wick in the center and a silver colored container. Adding a few of these to a display gives it that finishing touch you were looking for. Tea light candles can be added to accentuate a larger centerpiece, distributed in clusters around the room, or you can create your own ideas. They're perfect for weddings, romantic dinners, yoga, special events, and more. Get creative with your decor with these green tea light candles. Burn time 1-2 hours. Made in Vietnam. O-100:GREEN

Fun Ideas for Tea Lights:

  • Add a few around a large centerpiece as an accent.
  • Place inside clear containers filled with pebbles or shells for a natural/beach theme.
  • Wrap the exterior of the tea lights in washi tape that matches your event/party decor or theme.
  • You can try placing the tea lights inside larger decorative containers.
  • Spread out the tea lights and sprinkle flower petals between them.
  • Wrap with twine or ribbon.
  • For a rustic look, place inside a mason jar filled with pebbles, marbles, sand, or anything that matches your event/party theme and decor.
  • Float the tea lights inside a bowl of water. You can add flowers, rocks, or whatever you want into the bowl as well.
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