Three easiest ways to get more new customers

The 3 easiest ways to get more new customers 

to look at your products.


If you have a store, a booth, or a kiosk, there is one thing that will make you a success at getting new customers more than almost anything else.  The most important thing you can do is to make your merchandise stand out and grab attention right away.

Shoppers just won't spend their mental energies trying to figure out what you sell.  If your display doesn't tell people why they should stop, people will just walk by.  You need to communicate very fast, because you only have seconds to grab attention.  It is completely up to you.  If people don't stop it is all your fault.
Kiosk, Booth, or Store
So here's what you can do to get people to stop.

First, make sure that you communicate to everyone.  Some of the people who walk by think logically; and the others think more emotionally or intuitively.  The logical thinkers will respond to a sign with compelling benefits spelled out.  The intuitive customers will respond better to photos
and images.  Photos of another person (especially the face) work best with these people.  Make both elements a part of your display.

With digital photography and copy centers, it is easier and less expensive than ever to make your display really stand out.  Just be sure that what you show and tell speaks to what your customers want most.

Second, try to walk towards your display with a completely open mind.  Look at your booth the same way that the other passers by do.  Can you instantly tell what is being sold at your booth.  Do you see benefits to you of stopping to look more.

Third, Look at other booths - lots of other booths.  Know that some of these are poorly done; but that others have a lot of very intelligent thought that has gone into them.  What do they do?  How can you use their ideas with your products?  The more you study others, the better you will become yourself. The more you think about these things, the more your mind will come up with solutions that make your booth or store the most successful.

Once you have done these things, you will have a list of lots of small improvements that you can make.  Maybe just one of these little things will make a giant difference for you.  The more likely thing though is that you will be able to make dozens of little improvements.  Together, these
improvements can work together to make your booth far more effective than it ever was before.

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