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    White Brocade Pleated Skirt Set


    Achieve this simple look of elegance and royalty
    Pure white brocade hand-crafted in Senegal by Africa’s finest tailors. Three-piece skirt set complete with traditional layered ruffled sleeves and adjustable wrap skirt. Fits up to a 46" bust. 62" x 45" wrap skirt. Hand wash or dry clean for best results. C-W520

    Wholesale Price$39.90

    XX-Large Fula Silver Earrings - 2"

    Lustrous Silver Twisted Fula Earrings
    These hand-made Fula twist earrings give you a glimmer of African culture instantly. Each earring takes hours to create by Malian craftspeople; the look is authentic, the style is irresistible. Made with real Fula silver. Get yours today! 2" large. Made in Mali. J-E326
    Learn about the Fulani people
    Wholesale Price$24.95

    Top 12 Romance Fragrances - Dram (1/8oz)

    Set Includes The Top 12 Romance Inspired Oils
      Oils Sets May Change Without Notice
      Wholesale Price$11.95