Whipping Shea Butter


You can give shea butter a creamier texture by whipping it. You end up with much more volume than the shea butter that is not whipped. And because shea butter has such powerful healing properties, your whipped shea butter will still give your skin the best treatment available anywhere.


Here's what else you can do:

To whip it properly your going to need to have a more liquid base to mix with the shea butter. You can dilute your shea butter with coconut oiljojoba oil, or grape seed oil.

Add one ounce of coconut oil to 16 ounces of shea butter. In a normal blender you can blend in a medium setting. As you blend add more or less coconut oil to have a smooth consistency.

Another method is to use a lotion base. Put 2-3 tablespoons in a blender with a pound of shea butter and whip thoroughly on medium, as you blend. Add more or less base to make a softer product. Order lotion bade by the pound.


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