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Yoruba Chief Coronation Crown

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Collect an authentic piece of sacred African culture with this Yoruba Chief Coronation Crown. This crown is a traditional crown given to a Yoruba ruler upon coronation. The Oba, or ruler, is considered a being with great spiritual power, capable of mediating between the natural world and the spiritual world. The bead crown is a quintessential item of the Oba as it represents his authority, power, and connection to the ancestors. Beads are considered sacred to the Yoruba, making a beaded crown the ultimate symbol of authority. The Oba only wears this crown on special occasions, as it is too sacred to wear as a casual fashion statement.

This authentic piece of African culture can now be yours! Intricately beaded with various designs, this crown is a marvel of African craftsmanship. It makes a great statement piece for your living room decor. It's also a perfect addition to any African art collection. For a truly genuine aspect of African culture, you'll definitely want this Yoruba coronation crown. A-M185

  • Stands approximately  28" tall
  • Approximately 13" front to back and 8" side to side. 

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