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    African Mudcloth

    The team at Africa Imports helped realize my designs for The Wiz! at Ford's Theatre. I purchased multiple pieces of Mudcloth to create long full skirts for the actors in our cast. The customer service was top notch. The goods were delivered quickly and made me smile when I saw them for the first time; they are truly unique and beautifully crafted pieces. The final product is exactly as I envisioned and I will definitely work with Africa Imports again for future projects. Thank you!" I wanted to reach out and send you this photo of our cast with former first lady, Michelle Obama in your mudcloth fabrics :) Photo courtesy of Ford's Theatre. ~ Kara

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    Mud Cloth Bambara

    Wholesale Price$27.95

    Choose Your Own Exact Piece Of Mud Cloth


    Styles 1-16 will have many in stock. Other styles may only have 1 piece available, and will not usually be re-stocked once they have sold out.

    Nothing makes a fashion statement better than mudcloth! With this, you can choose your own piece of mudcloth and know what you are getting.These mudcloth pieces, which are made in Mali are "Lapa" size. Approx. 40" - 45" wide x 63" - 68" long.

    Wholesale Price$29.95

    Mud Cloth Colored 45" X 66"

    Authentic Mudcloth Dyed to Striking Colors
    It's versatile in its uses from wearing as a blanket, decoration, or to make clothing or pillows. Full size pieces approx. 43"-45” x 64"-68". Choose from many different colors depending on what we have in stock. Made in Mali, West Africa. M-F052
    Wholesale Price$24.95

    Mud Cloth -Off Sized Minor Imperfections


    Save on your mudcloth!
    Get these slightly off sized pieces for extra savings. M-F055

    These pieces are about 5 feet long and 40 inches wide

    Learn about mudcloth fabric

    Click Here To See The Video "The Meaning and History of Mudcloth"

    Wholesale Price$22.95

    Choose Your Own Indigo Mud Cloth

    These mudcloth pieces which has different designs of the indigo mudcloth, are made in Mali are "Lapa" size. Approx. 38" - 45" wide x 63" - 68" long. Sizes may vary as these are hand made. M-F054
    Wholesale Price$29.95

    Burkina Faso Mud Cloth

    Mudcloth with a slightly different look and fee. The same basic mudcloth; made with the same materials in the same way; but with a slightly grayer and slightly faded look. Most mudcloth is made in Mali, West Africa. A much smaller quantity is made in neighboring Burkina Faso. This mudcloth from Burkina Faso gives you something unique and treasured. Perfect for making clothing, crafts, accessories and other ideas even more special. M-F056 *Selecting "overstock" means you will receive a piece at random.
    Wholesale Price$29.95

    Choose Your Own Design Mud Cloth

    These mudcloth pieces which has different designs, are made in Mali are "Lapa" size. Approx. 38" - 45" wide x 63" - 68" long. Sizes may vary as these are hand made. M-F053
    Wholesale Price$29.95
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