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Alfred helps others in need from bad coronavirus economy

04/26/2020 13:39

Alfred lives in Malawi where he works as an administrator. His wife Peggy is a volunteer school teacher for especially poor children. Alfred is someone we have known for many years. We asked him if there were any people he knew of with especially difficult problems during this beginning of coronavirus lockdowns.

Here is what Alfred wrote back to us about how this money was used. He also sent the photos above of him with the people at the same time. Aaron an 80 years old divorce and no one to provide for him. He had a privilege to receive some food stuffs and some toiletries from the money that you sent. What a cheerful smile on an old man face. Then he spoke in his soft voice thanking God for the provision. In our tour in helping those less priviledged, we also assisted the woman who is a widow, the husband died three years ago leaving her with five children. Thank you for your purchases with Africa Imports which have made this help possible.