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It Might Look Weird - But This African Soap Is Changing Lives

07/27/2016 09:49

Black Soap Paste Feature Photo

We're a little obsessed with finding the healthiest, most natural ways to take care of your skin. We're also a little obsessed with finding ways to bring unique African products to people here in the US. Why? Well, you get to enjoy amazing skin AND talented artisans and soapmakers in Africa can have access to more customers and more job opportunities! So today we're thrilled that West African Black Soap Paste has been met with such enthusiasm by so many users! This soap paste is made using age-old African techniques, and is completely hand-crafted by soapmakers in Ghana. We know it works wonders, but we don't want you to just take our word for it. Find out what our customers are saying!

 Black Soap Paste Heal Acne "This soap is literally magic. I've suffered bad all-over acne my whole life due to a medical condition. Before getting this product my skin was oily and my pores were huge! After using the soap only twice my pores have shrunk, my skin is less oily, and while I'll never be able to totally get rid of my acne most of it is gone. I'm finally starting to feel comfortable in my skin. I suggest using raw shea butter after using this soap, trust me it will make your skin feel perfect." - Kim from Wisconsin

"I've struggled with EXTREMELY oily skin, and acne on my back for years. So far nothing has helped. Immediately after using this soap my skin felt soft and not oily at all. In fact, it continues to keep it from being oily for a number of hours. It doesn't dry out my skin like most products, either. The difference it's made for me has been incredible! I will continue to use this product daily." - Autumn from Georgia 

"I have really bad cystic acne and scars all over my face and with one wash this soap dried them up! I also have really dry skin but I just make sure to moisturize with something thick and I'm all set! it got rid of my back acne and chest acne within 2 washes! I'm amazed and will definitely buy again!" - Kayla from Nevada

Black Soap Paste Clears Blackheads "This product works super well! I've used it less than a week and I can already see a difference. Honestly it not only helped with regular acne but it also helped clear up my blackheads that I've struggled with for awhile." - Alexis from University Park, PA

 Black Soap Paste Heals Acne Scarring "I always struggled with bad acne and the resulting ugly acne scars. None of the expensive acne treatments would work for me, but I tried this soap and WOW! I've only been using this for about a week, but my face is smooth and soft and many of my acne scars have lightened or gone away completely. Love this soap!" - Haley from Albany, NY

Black Soap Paste Reduces Signs of Aging "This stuff is INCREDIBLE. I'm 23, have struggled with acne for over ten years, and recently experienced some of the worst breakouts of my life. I used this stuff once and within just hours I already noticed a difference. It cleared up even my worst blemishes. I would even recommend it to those who don't have acne because it's just great as a face wash in general; I noticed that it evened out my skin tone, removes dead skin (it's not even a scrub and it somehow exfoliates!) and it tightens the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores. It's amazing, and the price is great! I'll definitely be buying again." - Brandy from Deltona, FL

Black Soap Paste Reduces Dandruff "This stuff feels amazing on my face, and has started clearing up blemishes after just one use! I also used it on my hair, and my dandruff hasn't been as obvious to the point of going away completely! I'll definitely be buying more after I run out! Love this stuff!" - Sheridan from Spring Hill, FL 

Where Do I Get This Soap? You can order this soap online at Africa Imports here, or you can take a trip to Ghana and pick it up from a soapmaker there!