Why do people love African products?



"I love the way when you order from African Imports how quick you get your order and my customers love the products and are repeat buyer. Keep up the great job!"
Casey from Savannah, GA

"I love the way the soaps, and lotions make my body feel after I take my bath."
Thomas from Youngstown, OH

"I like the African products because they give you quality skin care that I can't find anywhere else. I've used EVERYTHING to skin creams to dermatologists recommended products. They don't even work, but when I used the African products my skin problems disappeared. See I have eczema all over, very very bad dandruff, dry hair, and dry skin. The only thing that got rid of those problems are the African products."

"I love the soaps, body wash, and health care products because they are natural and healthy for my skin. The jewelry is also spectacular."
Sherry from Memphis, TN

"I love African products because they represent the true meaning of Africa."
Phyllis from Wellsville, OH

"I love African Products because it shows the different aspects of the culture in the true meaning."

"African products sell very well within my business!"
June from Hopkins, SC

"Africa Imports has unique designs, quality workmanship, and many items to chose from. Also great how-to instructions."
Deborah from Ocala, FL

"I don't like African products, I LOVE them! They provide me with the naturalness my skin deserves to have. The artwork makes my home decorum extremely warm. There's always a conversation about my artwork and sculptures when people come over."
Lynne from Greensboro, NC

"I like them because they don't have alcohol in the fragrances, and they are unique. More importantly the product produces great sales and financial opportunities. Last it has a large variety to choose from."
Cornell from Selma, AL

"I like African products because the beauty of these items are truly unique. Though labeled 'African', their appeal transcends all barriers of race, color, nationality, geography, etc. real or imagined. I enjoy imparting a bit of knowledge about an African product when I can, as any jewelry or clothing ensemble always becomes a topic of conversation."
Anita from Union Mills, NC

"I like African products because they have so much craftsmanship in them. Everything is handmade. It shows the talent of very special people. And that makes me feel special to know so much time and attention went into every item."
Myra from Dover, NJ

"I love the Black Soap Soy Milk with Chamomile and Cucumber. This soap leaves my skin soft and rinses clean. Whenever I order any products for Africa Imports, I never have to wait to speak with a customer service representative and I received my order on the day they state. My orders are well packed and nothing has ever been broken. I also appreciate the email confirmation."
Slade from Durham, NC

"The body oils are so pure not watered down like the other oils. I feel very confident in wearing and selling Africa Imports body oils. There is no other product that can top it!"
Janice from Jacksonville, NC

"I like African products because they are reasonably priced which helps me to give my customers a fair price. I like the idea that I am buying African products and helping Africans that live in africa. This opportunity really give my business a variety of opportunities to grow. I try to focus on one of a kind items and and at Africa imports that is what you get. Continue to be unique happy shopping.
Devorah from Cincinnati, OH

"I like African products because they are a part of the "Mother land". I am a descendant of Africa and it fascinates me how talented "my" people are."
Mia from Lithonia, GA

"I love African products because of the diversity in design and materials used. They also offer the owner more individuality."
Donna from La Place, LA

"I like the quality of the products which are made in different countries besides africa from the people who created them."
Billy from Carbondale, IL

"I like your products because they are not harsh on my skin. Every soap or hair product that I have used thus far is natural and don't leave a residue on me. I like the fragrances that you offer they don't leave such an after odor that you want to forget, but a nice calm fragrance that you want more of. Thank you Africa Imports for all your products."
La Frenchie from Chesapeake, VA

"I like African products because they are natural, healing, and healthy for my whole body. When I recommend them to others I can show proof in pictures of my improvement."
Moseeva from Macon, GA

"I enjoy giving my customers the best in natural products. I hear so many wonderful comments because of the quality you offer. I enjoy the products myself as well. Whenever I wear the clothing, I get requests for a catalog. People also love the fragrances of the oils and how long they last."

"I always get exactly what I order and the products are the best. I love doing business with the company."
Valerie from Miami, FL

" I love African products because Africa is a a country of abundant natural resources. I love its natural skin/ hair products. Also its where my ancestors were from, so I to try to connect to African culture and resources that were used by my people."
Gazania from Oakland, CA

"I love your products because they look exactly like they should when they arrive. My clients are very happy with the quality of the products. I too am very excited when I receive a new catalog."
JOY from Joliet, IL

"The products and the wide selection and the customer service is great and new products all the time."
Troy from Fredericksburg, VA

"I like African products because the products that I have use is all natural and have not been cut. The same product that I have tried from a different company the sent doesn't stay on you no time. And the price is an affordable one, also you get you order in a timely manner."
Chrystal from Henderson, NC

"The products are all natural and they last longer than those in the stores with all the harsh chemicals. I also enjoy supporting a distributor that supports African villages."

"I shopped in New York City and found that the oils are so pure and fresh, and the black soaps and shea butters made my skin soft and silky."
Cheryl from Cleveland, OH

"I like African products because it is very convenient to order and very helpful to others with skin problems. It is a great cultural experience. The beautiful dresses and oils and I think if I won I would be able to share this experience with many others."
Shirlaine from Oklahoma City, OK

"They are different and dress up an outfit to make me look fantastic."
Sarah from Brimfield, IL

"I can give our people the things that are hard to find in there area. And it is a great way to help buy the important things they need in africa."
James from Norman, OK

"African products are designed especially for me and when I use them I feel like a queen! I enjoy being pampered, caressed, and looking my best. African products are made with pride and it shows--not only in the product, but in those who use them as well. Thank you!"
Patricia from Mission, KS

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