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    Fraternity/Sorority Fang Mask

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    SKU: A-WC158
    Retail Price: $59.90
    Measures 18" tall x 6" wide. Made in Ghana. A-WC158
    Packing Weight : 1.25 lb(s)
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    Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) is the first historically African American fraternity/sorority. Celebrate your allegiance to AKA with this Fraternity/Sorority Fang Mask. The mask is an outstanding example of African craftsmanship. Traditional African masks have always played an important symbolic and ritualistic role in African culture. This mask is fang-shaped and has a traditional depiction of African features done in white and green with AKA emblazoned on the forehead. The mask measures 18” tall by 6” wide. Made in Ghana. A-WC158
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