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Made in Africa

West African Liquid Black Soap - 55 Gal

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Packing Weight: 3.50 LBS
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Packing Weight: 3.50 LBS
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*This is an oversized item that will need to ship on a pallet via a freight company. When this is ordered, a CSR will contact you in regards to the shipping cost once your order is placed. Shipping can range from approx $200-400 however the exact charge will vary, based on shipping location. Please be prepared to receive your shipping quote after you have placed the order and to pay for the shipping additional shipping.

Get healthy and beautiful skin with this West African Liquid Black Soap. Black soap is all natural. It is full of antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals that damage your skin and age it. It evens out and fades age spots and skin discoloration. Black soap cleans and gently exfoliates. It combats acne and gives you clearer skin. Black soap has always been prized in Africa for its healing properties. It cleans and hydrates hair and leaves it shiny and more manageable. This liquid black soap also contains water, cocoa pod ash, plantain skin ash, and palm oil to nourish and hydrate your skin. Try it today! Made in Ghana. M-S133G55

INGREDIENTS: Water, Cocoa Pod Ash, Plantain Skin Ash, Palm Oil.

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