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    African Shakers, Bells and Rattles

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    Authentic African Straw Rattles

    Rattle at your own risk. Authentic African straw materials we're used and woven into bell shapped rattlers. These can be used for home décor or you can actually show off your hidden musical talent while entertaining guest. They come in three colors, all mix well together. M-W091
    Wholesale Price$3.95

    Wicker Rattles - Mali

    Make a joyful noise with our wicker rattles from Mali. These traditional African instruments are popular in western culture as well as in Africa. They make good conversational pieces as decorations but really shine when you put them in the hands of a child. They are a great gift for children. Each wicker rattle is hand-made and painted in different colors. They are approximately 5” tall and made in Mali. M-W092
    Wholesale Price$2.29

    Aslatua Double Gourd Rasta Kashaka

    Model is holding two sets. Make music the traditional African way with this Aslatua Double Gourd Rasta Kashaka. The instrument is made of two gourds that are filled with dried beans. It originated in West Africa. M-M037
    Wholesale Price$2.95

    GanKeKe Bell - Medium

    Double cow bells. Approx. 9" long. Made in Benin. M-M162
    Wholesale Price$11.95

    GanKeKe Bell - Small

    Double cow bells. Approx 7" long. Made in Benin. M-M163
    Wholesale Price$7.95