Can black soap take away dark spots?



As we age we all experience spotting on our skin. Different types of discoloration occur from freckles to moles, to patches of discoloration to the brown spots that are commonly called liver spots. This occurs across all skin types and colors. There are a lot of products that claim to be able to erase spots. Many of them use harsh chemicals. There is a natural and safe alternative that will minimize spots and lighten your skin.

African black soap is a traditional soap that originated in West Africa. It is also known as Anago Soap, Alata, Simena, or Ose Dudu. It is particularly native to Ghana. It is made primarily by women from traditional and often secret recipes. Those recipes lead to a variety of useful and pleasant soaps that can be used for your hair and body. Different ingredients and cooking techniques are favored for African black soap by different tribes. They use a variety of blends of oils and cooking techniques that lead to different shades and colors of the soap. They pride themselves on their secret blend of ingredients!

African black soap is made with a healthy mix of all-natural, local ingredients. The soap is traditionally made from the ash of freshly harvested plants and barks. These plants and barks include plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark. After being harvested the leaves and bark are sun-dried. Then they are roasted in a kettle or pot at a constant temperature. Keeping a steady temperature while roasting is essential to ensure the proper color, texture and smell. After roasting the water is added. Along with the water various oils are added. Palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, cocoa pod powder are among the most popular oils. The mixture is then thoroughly stirred over the course of a day. After that day the soap must be set aside for two weeks in order to cure properly.

The ingredients in Black African soap often have a variety of protective and healing properties. The ash is commonly used to heal cuts and abrasions. The plantain skins in the soap provide valuable vitamins A and E and iron for your skin. The soap has the highest shea butter content of any soap. The shea butter means the soap provides your skin with important UV protection that protects against sunburns that lead to skin cancer. The high UV protection helps to protect you skin from damage and discoloration due to UV exposure. It is also good at lightening skin tone and minimizing spots. The shea butter also makes the soap great for treating dry skin. When used for shaving the soap leaves you with soft, smooth skin. The soap is also very good for people with sensitive skin. It is also a good option for babies and the frail, aging skin of the elderly.

One warning for people with caffeine sensitivity: you may need to test soap that contains cocoa pods. The cocoa pods do contain caffeine that may be transmitted through contact with the skin.

Black African soap has many other beneficial uses. It heals problem skin. The soap is good for filling in and thinning out fine lines. It fights pimples and blackheads. It lightly exfoliates your skin and gives you a healthy glow. That exfoliation also helps with spots and discoloration. It cures stubborn body odor and leaves behind a clean, fresh scent. It is good for all types of skin; whether you have oily, dry or normal skin. It will help clear up skin rashes. It cleans hair and leaves it shiny, soft and manageable. It is also good for irritated scalps. Black soap from Africa is a natural and beneficial alternative to soaps artificial soaps that are full of harsh chemicals. We offer a variety of black soaps. They contain different oils that give the soap a pleasant fragrance. It is also important to know that varieties of black African soap are purest when they are made in Africa. Black soap made in Europe or the United States tend to incorporate artificial ingredients. To ensure the highest quality for you we import our soap directly from Africa. The soap we import is not only high quality but also made under fair trade conditions. We deal wholesale and in bulk orders as well. Start improving your skin and minimizing discoloration and spots today with African black soap.

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