The best soap for natural skin care



The best soap for natural skin care

African black soap - best soap for natural skin care

African natural black soap is one of the most beneficial and rare soaps you will find today. Bursting with vitamins and essential minerals your skin needs, it's not hard to see why this is the only soap African mothers will use on their children. People across the world are starting to recognize the benefits that using natural black soap can have on their skin. Let's find out what it can do for you!

Black Soap" border and moisturizes the skin. The cocoa pod powder used in black soap is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that work to heal acne, reduce swelling, and give you clearer skin. The Shea butter in black soap helps to soothe and soften your skin; keeping it younger-looking and smooth and in vitamin A, which increases collagen production, and vitamin E, which heals .

Black Soap

Will black soap heal my acne? Will it get rid of my dark spots?

Black soap has long been used throughout Africa to treat eczema, acne, freckles, dark spots, and fine lines. Black soap is gentle and nourishing which makes it perfect for use on babies' sensitive skin, or anyone for that matter. Black soap is

Bar soap, liquid soap or body wash?

Although traditionally made as a bar soap, there are now many beneficial recipes being produced to give every type of person the experience they're looking for. We carry many different types of black soap with great healing

Black Soap

properties like Nubian Heritage's African Black Soap with shea butter, oats and aloe. This soap boasts a high shea butter content and other organic ingredients which work to nourish, soften, and clarify your skin. Liquid black soaps and body washes, though not as traditional, do a great job of keeping your skin refreshed and silky smooth.

All natural African black soap is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and palm kernel oil for an all-natural cleansing process. Many recipes also include shea butter made from the nuts of the Karite tree. Plantains skins are largely what make this black soap so effective. They are a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron.

When black soap is made, the skin of the plantain is dried under the sun and then roasted in a clay oven. The heat must be constant in order to achieve the perfect brownish black color, texture & smell. Afterward, cocoa pod powder is added. Cocoa pod is the shell of the cocoa fruit and also has natural healing properties.

The next part of the black soap making process is very precise. The roasted plantain skins are mixed with palm and palm kernel oil to form the soap. The length and temperature at which the plantains are roasted determines the color of the soap. The longer the plantains are roasted, the darker the black soap will become when finished. The mixture is stirred for at least a day and then usually put in molds to cure for two weeks or more.

More information:

African black soap is soft with an organic shape. It has a delicate texture and a natural, earthy smell. It is not oily, and can be used for hands, face, body and hair. It is most commonly found in Ghana, however other countries have their versions of black soap as well. Other words for black soap are Alata Samina, Anago Samina which comes from the Twi language in northern Ghanam and osun or ose dudu soap.

How is Black Soap made?

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