Children's African Clothing

Keep Culture Alive

Pass on the heritage to the next
generation with choices that can't
be found anywhere else.

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Children's Traditional Dashiki: SIZES

Sku: C-C002
Wholesale: $7.95

Children's Dashiki & Shorts Set

Sku: C-C917
Wholesale: $11.95

Kids Traditional Print Hoodie Jacket

Sku: C-C009
Wholesale: $7.95

Traditional Print Elastic Child Dashiki

Sku: C-C007
Wholesale: $9.95

Children's Kente Skirt Set

Sku: C-C960
Wholesale: $14.95

Children's Kente Pant Set

Sku: C-C950
Wholesale: $14.95

Girl's Embroidered Brocade Set

Sku: C-C072
Wholesale: $19.95

Boy's Embroidered Brocade Set

Sku: C-C071
Wholesale: $19.95

Children's Batik Dress

Sku: C-C006
Wholesale: $7.95

Children's Tie-Dye Summer Dress

Sku: C-C003
Wholesale: $7.95

Traditional Print Sleeveless Capri Set

Sku: C-C008
Wholesale: $14.95