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What is the difference between wholesale and retail prices?

Wholesale prices are the lower prices that are charged to stores or other businesses who are re-selling these products. Retail prices are the higher prices that a customer pays when they buy something for themselves. These are often titled MSRP (Manufacturers suggested retail price)

For almost all of the products that you see at africaimports.com, the wholesale prices are one half of the retail prices.

How do I see wholesale prices?

When someone visits africaimports.com they will see wholesale prices by default. However, only wholesale members can purchase at that price.

If you are a wholesale buyer, we can set your account to wholesale status.

You can then see and purchase online at wholesale prices. This is done manually by someone working at Africa Imports call us at 201-457-1995, or email contact@africaimports.com to have your account changed.

Is there a minimum order needed for wholesale orders?

Yes. First time orders need to include a Business Starter Kit or be for at least $100 of merchandise. The minimum size of a wholesale order with Africa Imports is $50 for all orders after your first one.

How can I start a business by selling products from Africa?

Click Here for a few quick and easy ways to jump start your business.

To pay wholesale prices, you need to be buying these products for re-sale.

You do not need to own a store. You can work from you home or be selling these products part time. There is a $100 minimum order required for first time wholesale orders (or you can purchase a starter kit). After that the minimum order drops to $50

You can order smaller quantities as long as you are above the minimum order.

If you want to order less than the wholesale minimum, you can, but you will pay the higher retail prices.

Creating a wholesale account is easy with Africa Imports.

Do I need to pay sales tax on wholesale orders?

The United States Supreme Court ruling on June 21, 2018 in the case of South Dakota vs. Wayfair allows states to require online sellers to collect sales tax if they do a significant amount of business in the state. To see a complete list of states where sales tax is collected, please click here.

What tools can I get to help me?

You can find dozens of booklets, posters, business cards, and other tools (most of them for free) by clicking here.

Can anyone see and order at wholesale prices?

Not everyone can order from us at wholesale prices but they will see wholesale prices by default. You must be a member to purchase at wholesale prices.

Retail customers will see increased prices once they have signed in.

*You do not want to refer your customers directly to our website. Use catalogs, or other promotional materials

To register as a wholesale customer, first sign in, and next fill out a form requesting to be recognized as a wholesale customer. We will then set your account to wholesale status.

Can I use the photos at africaimports.com for my website?

You can use any of the photos here. Find out more here.

Are there risks when drop-shipping an order?

You can have an order drop shipped to your customers with Africa Imports.

Drop shipping is when you order something from us, and we ship it directly to your customer.

There is an extra $5.00 drop shipping charge for any drop shipped orders.

If you want to place a drop ship order online, Check the drop ship check box when you check out. An extra $5.00 drop shipping charge will be added to your order, and the package will be sent with paperwork showing you (or your company) to be the sender. Your customer will receive a packing slip showing the items in the box, but without any cost being shown.

There are several reasons you may want to avoid the drop shipping. The main reason is that you lose some contact with your customers. The products that you or your customers receive will be as shown in the catalog or website; but each is hand made so there will be small individual differences in individual items. Most people think that this adds value to the product; but it helps you to see exactly what your customer is receiving so that you are able to handle questions as they come up. One of the complaints that many people mention to us about other companies is that the items are drop shipped from somewhere else. Many people like to receive items directly from the company or person that they buy them from, and feel badly when something is drop shipped to them. Your customers are your biggest asset; so you may want to think about this some more.

Although we do not want your customers to contact us directly, and we would never contact them directly, it is possible for your customers to find us some other way. To make our relationship as good as possible, we prefer to have no contact at all with your customers. Avoiding drop shipping is one way to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

You can also save money by not drop shipping. If your orders with us are at least $400., there is no charge to you for shipping. You can save not only the drop shipping charges; but all of the regular shipping costs this way as well.

If you still think that it is in your best interest to have us send items directly to your customers, we certainly can. There are just some potential problems that you will want to consider first.

How do I get retail catalogs to show to my customers?

How do I copy a photo from africaimports.com to use on my own website?

To copy a photo from our website to use on your own website, auction, or flier, first find the photo that you want to use (if this is a product photo, be sure to navigate to the largest photo of the product). Next, right click on the large photo; and from the drop down box that appears, choose "save picture as"; and then save the photo with your own product name onto your computer hard drive. Finally, you can either print out or upload the photo to your own website in the same way that you upload any other photo. Get more complete instructions here.

How do I access a Wish List?

In the upper right hand corner under "My Account", you will find a link to the Wish List.

How do I create a Wish List?

Click on the 'Heart' button on a product you like. To create a Wish List you must be a registered user. If you already have an account, then login to the store. When you find a product that you want to add to your Wish List, Click on the 'Heart' button on a product you like. All the items added will be added to the Current Wish List.